10 Tips for An Extra Special Mother’s Day

10 Tips for An Extra Special Mother's Day

10 Tips for An Extra Special Mother’s Day


In the United States, Mother’s Day 2023 will occur on Sunday, May 14. It is a time to honor mothers for their contribution to family and society. 

You wish to make Mother’s Day more memorable to show her how much you value and love her, but whether you know your mother will cherish things the most.

Many mothers think that the most beautiful gift she has received on Mother’s Day has quality time with their children, so why not try some of these enjoyable Mother’s Day activities to make your mom feel extra special?

Here are some Tips for An Extra Special Mother’s Day to get you started.

Spend time with your mother at home

Being home with your mom, even just in the evening, is so happy enough for her because she needs you more than any things. Let’s stay at home and create an extra Special Mother’s Day

Tips for An Extra Special Mother's Day

1. Give Mom a free day

Mom does so much for you daily; now she deserves some time off to relax. Help her with household chores such as laundry, drying the dishes, cleaning up the room, etc.

Make sure she doesn’t have to do anything on this particular day; She’ll appreciate this thoughtfulness forever.

2. Hold the evening party for mom at home.

The evening is the perfect time to celebrate a cozy Mother’s Day party with her closest family and friends. Decor with light cake and prepare delicious food and drink. Not only does it connect you with your mom, but also the whole members of the family. This family gathering will Burst with joy, which she may dream of most.

3. Watch movies at home together.

After the party, the whole family can together watch a film. Make a bowl of popcorn and turn on your favorite movies. You’ll spend quality time with a laugh, even crying together. Or watch an old family video that recalls memories of mom’s life, and she’ll undoubtedly move.

4. Plan a Delicious Meal

Prepare a lovely lunch or dinner full of love and care. Be sure to serve your mom’s favorite dishes to show that you have put thought into the planning process. Besides, nothing will make mom feel happier than having breakfast in bed by your preparing. Put together a dish with croissants, sandwiches, or cereal mix-and-match fillings like strawberries, blueberries, shredded coconut, or any of her favorite food.

5. Take lovely photos or make a video with Mom.

Create an upbeat video of that day’s activities to save visual memories to watch in the future. If it has been a long since you last had photos with mom, take pictures now and create funny styles for yourself. These also help to build great memories for mom on her special day.


Plan special outings with unforgettable experiences

Take your mom to go out with new activities based on her likes. Planning a relaxing and exciting adventure will show your mom that you care enough to make An Extra Special Mother’s Day.

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6. Take her out to relax.

Go on a leisurely walk with mom to enjoy the fresh spring air and chat about what you never told her.

Spend the afternoon at the beach. Take a walk on the sand, sit, see waves, and enjoy the fresh air. Share stories that happened with you; mom will love to listen.

You could take her to a museum she’s never visited if she is a big art fan. Enjoy pictures and historical things.

7. Take her to go shopping.

Spend the day shopping only for mom. She will appreciate your assistance in choosing something special, whether jewelry, clothing, or home décor. It also is the perfect way to get extra time with mom.

8. Go to her favorite restaurant.

Make a reservation for the entire family or reserve a table for two, just you and mom. Order her favorite dishes and enjoy a meal out with a beautiful drink. Cheer up, and happy mother’s Day!

9. Get a massage

A few things to feel better is to get for the message. Take your mom to the hair salon or a local day spa. Treat her to soaps, lotions, perfumes, massage, and other personal care items. 

10. Plan a getaway

You and your mom can go away together – a trip for a few days to a new city she has never visited or back to her hometown. Discover exciting places, enjoy famous dishes, or go for a night to see beautiful views. Taking a long trip is an excellent opportunity to connect the outdoor world and the relationship between mom and you. 

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Final thought!

Tips for An Extra Special Mother’s Day above are ways to spend quality time with your mom – one of the most meaningful gifts on her special day. We hope you will make Mother’s Day 2023 memorable for that remarkable woman in your life.